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Permanon developed the cleaning and maintenance Surface careshampoo, 2in1, for light, everyday contaminations of varnished or coated surfaces. It was geared particularly to a variety of surfaces. All Permanon Shampoos have this dual function of cleaning and protecting surfaces. Because the surface structure is always sealed at the same time, the object receives a maintenance treatment that maintains its value.

All Permanon Shampoos are easy to use, non-toxic and biologically degradable. You can easily remove organic contaminations like soot deposits, greases, oils or fuel deposits. Dust and deposits from tree resins, sticky pollen as well as insects and bird droppings that are the result of unfavorable environmental conditions or weather changes can be removed completely.

The Permanon Shampoo 2in1 differs from the Permanon Supershine products in that the Supershine products offer high protection with a built-in glossy effect.

Chemical-free and resistant against:

  • UV radiation (the invisible enemy)
  • lye with Ph1-11
  • acids (except for hydrofluoric acid)
  • sweet and salt water
  • -40° to +300° Celsius (temperature resistant)    

All kinds of contaminations:

  • persistant environmental contaminations, such as in heavy traffic (brake dust/exhaust fumes/deposits)
  • tree resins and organic glues
  • insects, doves and bird droppings
  • algae and sludge residue.

The concentrate can be used economically and efficiently. This will save costs and time for maintenance measures. Surfaces that had to be cleaned and maintained quite frequently before can now receive much more economical treatments, thanks to Permanon shampoo 2in1.

Supershine offers you numerous applications.



Why choose Permanon?

  • Permanon comes as a super-concentrate
  • Permanon is so easy use
  • Permanon is effective and durable
  • Permanon is safe

Permanon is Different

  • Permanon is designed to protect polyurethane topcoats and other solid surfaces such as glass, FRP, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, finished leather, granite, varnish, enamel, and solid surface products.  
  • Permanon protection will outlast any wax or oil based renewable surface protection and comes specially formulated for Aircraft, Yachts, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Interiors, Pool & Spas, and Glass